Elenco librerie

In ordine alfabetico

C90 1995
C99 C++98
assert.h cassert C Diagnostics Library
complex.h complex Complex numbers library
ctype.h cctype Character handling functions
errno.h cerrno C Errors
exception Standard exception class
fenv.h cfenv Floating-point environment
float.h cfloat Characteristics of floating-point types
functional Function objects
inttypes.h cinttypes C integer types
iso646 ciso646 ISO 646 Alternative operator spellings
limits.h climits Sizes of integral types
limits Numeric limits
locale.h clocale C localization library
locale Localization library
math.h cmath C Maths functions
memory Memory elements
new Dynamic memory
setjmp.h csetjmp Non-local Jumps
signal.h csignal C library to handle signals
stdarg.h cstdarg Variable arguments handling
stddef.h cstddef C Standard definitions
stdexcept Exception classes
stdint.h cstdint Integer types
stdio.h cstdio C library to perform Input/Output operations
stdlib.h cstdlib C Standard General Utilities Library
string.h cstring C String functions
string C++ Strings library
tgmath.h ctgmath Type-generic math
time.h ctime C Time functions
typeinfo Type information
uchar  Unicode characters
utility Utility components
wchar.h cwchar Wide characters
wctype.h cwctype  Wide character type

C++ Input/Output Stream

fstream File streams
ios Input-Output base classes
iostream Standard Input / Output Streams Library
istream Input stream
ostream Output stream
sstream String streams

C++ Standard Containers

bitset Bitset
deque Double ended queue
list List
map Map
multimap Multiple-key map
multiset Multiple-key set
priority_queue Priority queue
queue FIFO queue
set Set
stack LIFO stack
vector Vector
iterator Iterator definitions
valarray Library for arrays of numeric values
numeric Generalized numeric operations
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