Presentazione ufficiale

Simply put, RUR-PLE is a Python Learning Environment.
With the assistance of a robot named Reeborg, one can explore the fun of programming in the Python language.
A standard Python interpreter is also included as well as an editor with a special “instant run” feature.


L’IDE di RUR-PLE integra 4 schede

  1. RUR: Read and Learn – Tutorial
  2. Robot: Code and Learn – L’ambiente di sviluppo
  3. Python: Code and Learn – La shell Python
  4. Python: simple editor


  1. Ghitub: rur-ple
  2. Sourgeforge
    1. Learning Python: Child’s Play with RUR-PLE!
    2. RUR: a Python Learning Environment
  3. Google Code: rur-ple
  4. Wikipedia: RUR-PLE
  5. Reeborg’s world (nuova versione online)

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