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  1. Art
  2. Copy a line
  3. Draw a Spiral
  4. Drawing stairs
  5. Find spot
  6. Find the white spot
  7. Follow the white marks
  8. Jump over from line to line
  9. Line follower
  10. Maze runner
  11. Move beacon
  12. Pass beacons
  13. Rewriting repetitions
  14. Spiral
  15. Welcome
  16. Write robo
  17. Write your name


Pagina ufficiale: Challenges

Livello 1

  1. Check where the beacon is and pick it up
  2. Draw your class number
  3. Let the robot paint a flight of stairs
  4. Let the robot put pancakes on the black conveyor belt
  5. Let the robot zigzag to the beacon

Livello 2

  1. Follow the white dots to the beacon and pick it up
  2. Get the beacon by using the white line and the black spot
  3. Let the robot automatically find the beacon and pick it up
  4. Let the robot use the dots to find the beacon and pick it up
  5. Move the beacons to pass through the corridor
  6. Paint the castle floor with vertical white stripes
  7. Park the robot on the white spot
  8. Put beacons from white onto black conveyor belt and vice versa using procedures

Livello 3

  1. Automatically find the beacon in maze
  2. Automatically follow the white line to the end
  3. Create a white line with same size as the black line
  4. Let the robot automatically find and eat 10 easter eggs
  5. Let the robot draw a spiral
  6. Let the robot go to the black spot by using the white lines
  7. Mow the grass using procedures
  8. Put beacons from the white onto the black conveyor belt and viceversa using procedures

Livello 4

  1. Create a white line which is twice as long as the black line
  2. Let the robot recursively draw a spiral
  3. Put beacons in the tree at the black spots
  4. Recursively follow the white line to the end

Livello 5

  1. Let the robot mark the black potholes with beacons

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