Vedi: is a site for learning and teaching how to program mobile apps with MIT’s App Inventor.
These tutorials are refined versions of the tutorials that have been on the Google and MIT App Inventor sites from App Inventor’s inception.
Thousands of beginners have used them to learn programming and learn App Inventor.

This site is also designed for use by teachers.
The teaching materials here have been used as a basis for numerous middle school, high school, and college courses. (…)


  1. Hello Purr
  2. PaintPot
  3. Mole Mash
Tutti i tutorial in ordine alfabetico

  1. Android Mash
    Button Canvas Clock HorizontalArrangement Label Sound TextToSpeech
  2. Broadcast Hub
  3. Hello Purr
    Button Label Sound
  4. I Have A Dream
    Button HorizontalArrangement Label/Player
  5. Logo
  6. Math Blaster
  7. Mole Mash
  8. No Text While Driving
  9. Note-Taker
  10. PaintPot
    Button Camera Canvas HorizontalArrangement
  11. Pong
  12. President’s Quiz
    Button Image Label ListPicker TextBox
  13. Shooter Game
  14. Stock Market


  1. I Have A Dream
  2. PaintPot
  3. Android Mash
  4. No Text While Driving


  1. No Text While Driving
  2. Shooter Game
  3. President’s Quiz
  4. Note-Taker
  5. Stock Market


  1. President’s Quiz
  2. Pong
  3. Stock Market
  4. Logo
  5. Broadcast Hub
  6. Math Blaster

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