Space Invaders

Vedi: Componenti  Screen > Screen1 Title=Space Invaders Drawing and Animation > Canvas > Canvas1 BackgroundColor=Black Drawing and Animation > Ball > ba_Bullet PaintColor=Green Radius=8… Leggi tutto »Space Invaders

Magic 8-Ball

Vedi: Componenti Screen > Screen1 Title=Magic 8-Ball 1 User Interface > Button > Button1 Image=image_8_ball.jpg User Interface > Label > Label1 Text=Ask the Magic… Leggi tutto »Magic 8-Ball

Android Mash

Vedi: Componenti Screen > Screen1 Title=Android Mash 1 Draw and Animation > Canvas > Canvas1 BackgroundImage=androidblock2.png Height=400 Width=Fill parent Draw and Animation > ImageSprite > ImageSprite_Android Picture=Android_teacher.svg.png Componenti… Leggi tutto »Android Mash