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BYOB / Snap!


You get a broadly inviting programming language for kids and adults that’s also a platform for serious study of computer science.

Snap! (formerly BYOB) is a visual, drag-and-drop programming language.
It is an extended reimplementation of Scratch (a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab) that allows you to Build Your Own Blocks.
It also features first class lists, first class procedures, and continuations.
These added capabilities make it suitable for a serious introduction to computer science for high school or college students.

Snap! runs in your browser.
It is implemented using Javascript, which is designed to limit the ability of browser-based software to affect your computer, so it’s safe to run even other people’s projects, even if you don’t trust our competence or good intentions.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Blocks (dal modo di dire: Bring your own bottle…)



  1. Scratch to Snap! – Convertire da Scratch a Snap!
  2. Snapp! – Convertire da Snap! ad applicazione Linux / OS X / Windows

Mondo reale

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  2. Lego NXT package by Connor Hudson
  3. Nintendo Wiimote package by Connor Hudson
  4. Finch and Hummingbird robots package by Tom Lauwers
  5. Parallax S2 robot package by Connor Hudson
  6. LEAP Motion by Connor Hudson
  7. Speech synthesis by Connor Hudson
  8. Arduino package by Alan Yorinks
  9. Arduino package by Bernat Romagosa/Citilab
  10. Fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller by Richard Kunze
  11. Snap! for Raspberry Pi by

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