Questo modulo fornisce strutture dati aggiuntive rispetto a quelle predefinite (dict, list, set, tuple).

collections.ChainMap() dict-like class for creating a single view of multiple mappings
collections.Counter() Sottoclasse di dict(), fornisce l’accesso diretto con contatori
collections.deque() double-ended queue, coda con operazioni da entrambi i lati
collections.defaultdict() dict subclass that calls a factory function to supply missing values
collections.namedtuple() factory function for creating tuple subclasses with named fields
collections.OrderedDict() dict subclass that remembers the order entries were added
collections.UserDict() wrapper around dictionary objects for easier dict subclassing
collections.UserList() wrapper around list objects for easier list subclassing
collections.UserString() wrapper around string objects for easier string subclassing